ChiaoGoo Twist Large Shorties Set
    ChiaoGoo Twist Large Shorties Set
    ChiaoGoo Twist Large Shorties Set
    ChiaoGoo Twist Large Shorties Set

    ChiaoGoo Twist Large Shorties Set

    ChiaoGoo Twist Large Shorties Set is a beautiful set of interchangeable knitting needles for small diameters.



    The ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties sets are the ideal interchangeable circular needle sets for smaller diameter knitting projects. The stainless steel knitting needles with a length of 8cm can be combined with the three cables supplied to create circular needles with a length of 30 and 36cm. This Large Shorties set is ideal for knitting sleeves or socks. The pointy needle tips make these needles suitable for knitting patterns with multiple stitches, such as lace patterns, puff stitches, bubble and cable knitting. The extremely flexible (memory-free) SWIV360 cable consists of multiple steel wires, which prevent the cable from kinking or twisting while knitting. With the supplied tightening keys and the rubber gripper, the knitting needles are easy to loosen or tighten. The provided connectors allow multiple short cables to be combined into one long cable. The set can be stored in a yellow pouch that can accommodate several interchangeable needles and cables. In the small pocket you can store all sorts of other accessories, such as connectors, end stoppers, tightening keys and stitch markers. Both the large and small pockets have a zipper closure. The pouch can be attached to a larger bag for example by means of the ring.

    This ChiaoGoo TWIST Large Shorties set includes the following:

    • 4 x pairs of TWIST Shorties knitting needle tips with screw size L in sizes 5.50, 6.00, 6.50 and 8.00mm supplied in a pouch with labelled compartments
    • 3 x SWIV360 cables and screw size L (2 x 30cm and 1 x 36cm total length including needle tips)
    • 2 x end stoppers
    • 2 x tightening keys
    • 2 x connectors
    • 6 x stitch markers
    • 1 x red, heart-shaped rubber gripper

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